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Introductory Workshop
Who are the New Children?

Research shows that new generations’ holistic intelligence is on the rise. These children and teenagers may be very different from the previous generations. Sometimes we are in awe with the things they can achieve and yet sometimes we do not understand their way of being at all.

So, who are the new kids? What are their characteristics and unique talents? Most importantly, how can we raise them to the best of our ability?

In the seminar we will be looking at the general characteristics of the new children. We will also talk about the current issues of the new generations such as inattention, anger problems, boredom, online gaming and High Sensitivities (HSPs).

Children of the New Paradigm

Most probably you know one of the new children. S/he may be your own child, your niece, your student or your neighbor…

They are different. But in what way does your child or student differ? Why are they here now? And what are they trying to teach or show us through their differences?

Have you realized that attention deficit, hyperactivity, autism and learning disorders are on the rise? But what if these kids just think differently? What different potentials they may create via their unique way of thinking and being that humans have not actualized to date?

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Training of the Trainor

Training of the Trainor Programme is for participants who are interested in learning the new paradigm and the new children in detail and preferably share their information with others via seminars, projects and consultancy as well. After the exam which the participant is required to complete in a month following the course, a certificate of completetion is given.

If you would like to get the detailed programme please send us an email at

Personal Consultations

For easing the problematic behaviors and understanding what is going on with the child or  the adult of the new paradigm you may take an appointment. Personal consultations are done online as well.


M. Sebnem Ozkan, holds a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Memphis. While studying psychology she did extensive research on the Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and on post-modern psychology schools and therapies such as, Positive Psychology, Constructivist Psychology and Coherence Therapy.

Ozkan studied and later on taught various complementary therapies such as Zen meditation, I Ching, Tensegrity and qigong all along her education. The writer of four books Ozkan has been working with the new children and their families since 2007. She thinks that the differences of the new generations are meant to be understood better by the adults because these differences are the ones that can bring the much needed transformation in the systems (i.e. education, health), in our lives and the world in general. She addresses the conditions such as ADHD, learning disorders and autism not as diseases but as different ways of being which may be the stepping stones in human evolution.

M. Sebnem Ozkan continues to work with the people of the new paradigm via seminars, conferences and consultations meanwhile working on her new book.