Liqht: LQ (Light Quotient) Holistic Therapy©

Liqht is a treatment and awareness system for both adults and children that has been created by M. Ş. Özkan with the help of the studies and research done since 2007.

In Liqht we work with the “existential colors”. Existential color (EC) is the person’s ferquency color. It is not the aura color and it remains the same throught one’s life. EC defines the person’s both the efficient characteristrics and the non-efficient ones. In the many different “Analyses” of Liqht, the client is able to transform the  non-efficient characteristrics into the efficient ones.

Ultimately, Liqht aims to increase the LQ of the client and level his/her consciouness with the universal consciouness.

One of the most important features of Liqht is that the parents can work for the child and without having to bring the child to the session: Since the child has mainly the characteristics of his/her parents until adolescence, the parent carries out purification and awareness studies for the child.  The parent may also apply the Liqht techniques to his/her children or the parents can energetically convey the Liqht techniques through the specific means taught during the study.

The New Children Trainers Training

Research shows that new generations’ holistic intelligence is on the rise. These children and teenagers may be very different from the previous generations. Sometimes we are in awe with the things they achieve and yet sometimes we are puzzled with their behaviors. So, who are the new children? What are their characteristics that may be so different from their parents or grandparents? Most importantly, how can we raise them to the best of our ability?

Main Topics

Who are the New Children?
Paradigm Change: Why are they different from the previous generations? Why are they here and why now?
How to approach the children?
“New Age Diseases”: Is it a disease or a different way of thinking?
ADD, ADHD, Autism, Learning Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder from a new perspective.
“High Sensitivities” (HSP)
Duties of the adults of the new paradigm

M. Şebnem Özkan