Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) Tests

HSP Test for Children

  1. Doesn’t like noisy places and gets cranky.
  2.  Startles easily.
  3. Strong lights (including sunlight) bother him.
  4. Responds better to gentle corrections and suggestions rather than scolding and reproofing.
  5. He immediately notices all kinds of different smells.
  6. After an exciting day or if he runs and plays a lot with his friends, he loses sleep and finds it difficult to calm down.
  7. He is uncomfortable with the labels of his clothes.
  8. Almost every comment is taken personally.
  9. His pain threshold is low.
  10. He likes to live in his own – fantasy – world.
  11. He tries to avoid making mistakes or forgetting things. Gets bored of routines.
  12. One may think that he is a mind reader.
  13. He may be very emotional.
  14. Eating disorders may occur.

HSP Test for Adults

  1. Personal development and spiritual studies are your areas of interest.
  2. Too bright lights, loud music and noise will bother you.
  3. You may get sick quickly despite being an overall healthy person.
  4. You don’t like people who talk standing too close or touching your hand or arm.
  5. Sudden changes in your life are difficult for you.
  6. You get very tired of being with people all day without spending some time on your own even if it is only for half an hour.
  7. Socializing can be difficult for you.
  8. You try to avoid crowded environments such as shopping malls, amusement parks, large gatherings as much as possible.
  9. You love to learn, research and read.
  10. You can get excited about even the smallest thing
  11. You do not like being looked at or observed, for example while performing a task.
  12. You don’t like having time constraints while working.
  13. You don’t want to be in competitive environments.
  14. You may experience your emotions in extremes and have difficulty in controlling them.

If you answered more than seven of the questions as true of yourself, you may be
highly sensitive. To have a definitive opinion more detailed observations and tests should be preferably done.

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